Roobet Launches Two Exclusive Games: Mission Uncrossable and Snoop’s HotBox

Roobet, one of the world’s fastest growing online crypto casinos, has released two new exclusive games, Mission Uncrossable and Snoop’s HotBox. Both games are built on provably fair algorithms, ensuring verifiable and unbiased outcomes for players’ confidence in fairness.

But that’s not all—Roobet’s commitment to superior entertainment is exemplified by its revamped user interface, and doubled maximum win limit of $1,000,000 on exclusive games, all optimized for seamless mobile play, offering players even greater opportunities to win big.

Mission Uncrossable

Mission Uncrossable exclusive game from Roobet

Mission Uncrossable is a thrilling addition to Roobet. Players engage by selecting a bet amount and choosing from four difficulties—Easy, Medium, Hard, or Daredevil. The game revolves around crossing lanes, with each posing the possibility of either safe passage or collision with a vehicle. 

The difficulty level determines the frequency of collisions, ranging from one collision per 25 lanes in Easy mode to ten collisions per 25 lanes in Daredevil mode. Players can opt to cash out at any time, with the multiplier increasing with each successfully crossed lane. With the maximum win limit now raised to an impressive $1,000,000, the stake has never been higher at Roobet.

Snoop’s HotBox

Snoops Hotbox exclusive game

Snoop’s HotBox is the latest outcome of Roobet’s groundbreaking partnership with Snoop Dogg, the iconic rapper and entrepreneur, in collaboration with Gaming Corps, a leading game software provider.

In this exclusive game, players set their bet amount and an automated cash-out multiplier. As Snoop Dogg’s blunt burns, the multiplier increases until Snoop stops smoking. Players must cash out before Snoop finishes smoking to secure their bet, with the multiplier dictating the payout. Notably, this game offers secure gameplay with automated cash-out and the potential to win up to $500,000.

Roobet Looking Ahead

As Roobet continues to expand its offerings and enhance user experience, players can anticipate more innovative games and exciting features on the horizon. The ongoing partnership with Snoop Dogg and Gaming Corps exemplifies Roobet’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital entertainment. With updated user interface and Roobet’s unique games, they strengthens its position as a frontrunner in the crypto casino industry.

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