Outlier Ventures Partners with the Celo Ecosystem and Defactor on The RWA Base Camp Accelerator Program

Outlier Ventures has chosen Celo and Defactor as its strategic partners to support the selected cohort in the Real World Assets (RWA) Base Camp accelerator program.

The RWA Base Camp accelerator program aims to innovate within various sectors, including financial, infrastructure, intangible, and physical assets, over the next 12 weeks starting mid-May 2024.

The program has garnered the support of leading industry partners, highlighting the significant potential and interest in the integration of blockchain technology with real-world applications. Among the key partners, Defactor stands out with its commitment to mentoring participants and providing a specialized toolkit for RWA development, free for one year to the startups in the cohort.

The Celo ecosystem, known for its mobile-first approach and commitment to creating accessible financial solutions, brings over 1 million monthly active users and experience in managing stablecoins like USDC and USDT. Their involvement is expected to provide substantial expertise and insights into RWA, fostering innovation in areas like on-chain lending and tokenized carbon credits.

Katie Lundie, RWA Accelerator Lead at Outlier Ventures, said: “With the support of Celo and Defactor, we can offer startups a robust platform to succeed. The overwhelming interest in the program already underscores the critical need for innovative solutions in this space.”

The program’s launch comes on the heels of a thesis published by Outlier Ventures, which discussed the transformative potential of RWAs in linking crypto assets with conventional financial systems and beyond.

“Tokenizing RWAs is not just a means to bridging the gap between the crypto market and the traditional financial market, it reaches beyond that,” Outlier Ventures mentioned in a statement.

This approach not only enhances liquidity in the financial markets but also promises broader impacts across various industries by integrating blockchain technology more deeply into societal frameworks.

Isha Varshney, Head of Ecosystem at the Celo Foundation, also commented on the program’s strategic importance, “Partnering with Outlier Ventures aligns with our mission to expand financial access and promote prosperity through the Celo community. This initiative is a pivotal step towards broadening the adoption of Web3 technologies.”

Adam Bouktila, Co-founder of Defactor, highlighted their role in the ecosystem: “We’re not just participating; we’re actively building the foundational tools needed for an expanding RWA market. Our goal is to empower projects to bring greater utility to their communities.”

The program is accepting applications until May 6, 2024, and is expected to play a critical role in shaping the future of tokenized assets and their integration into the global economy.

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