OKX Wallet Enhances Offering with BitGenie Integration

Key Takeaways

  • OKX partners with BitGenie to integrate L2 solutions like bridged Runes and Ordinals into the OKX Wallet;
  • The integration introduces new features, such as asset swapping on the Merlin Chain with a low fee of 0.3%;
  • OKX Wallet users gain access to BitGenie’s staking services for MBTC and MERL, with future expansions planned.

Crypto exchange OKX announced its latest collaboration with BitGenie, integrating its services into the OKX Wallet.

This integration is planned to attract a wider audience within the Bitcoin ecosystem and enhance user engagement and investment options.

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BitGenie is known for being the first Layer-2 solution supporting bridged Runes and Ordinals. 

By integrating it into the OKX Wallet, users now have access to new functionalities, such as asset swapping on the Merlin Chain with a low transaction fee of 0.3%, entirely allocated to liquidity providers.

In addition, OKX Wallet users will now be able to use BitGenie’s staking services for MBTC and MERL. There are plans to expand these services to more assets in the future.

Additionally, users involved in early liquidity provision will gain early access to BitGenie’s native token, WISH.

With this integration, OKX continues to strengthen its position in the Web3 market. Renowned for its security and versatility, its wallet supports over 80 blockchains. Moreover, OKX’s ecosystem includes a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that connects users to over 300 DEXs and about 15 bridges.

This collaboration will further enhance users’ trading experience and expand their access to Bitcoin’s DeFi features.

The crypto exchange has also recently introduced new memecoin listings, Dogwifhat (WIF) and Cat in a Dog’s World (MEW).

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