Ethernity Upgrades to AI-Driven Ethereum Layer 2, Tailored for Entertainment Powerhouse

Ethernity’s technology allows global brands and talent to securely store their intellectual property on the blockchain and connect with their fans through innovative content and experiences.

Ethernity, the platform known for its authenticated and licensed NFTs featuring icons such as Lionel Messi and Shaquille O’Neal, is making a significant move by transforming into a cutting-edge Layer 2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain. This transformation can potentially revolutionize the web3 entertainment industry, effectively tackling the obstacles that major brands such as Amazon, Marvel, and Warner Brothers encounter when adopting blockchain technology.

The Ethernity Chain was developed due to Ethernity’s experiences with global entertainment brands, which revealed notable obstacles to their embrace of web3 technology. Privacy, cost, and complicated interfaces were major concerns resolved through this evolution. Ethernity’s Layer 2 solution enhances security and reduces gas fees. Additionally, it provides a plug-and-play toolkit, simplifying the integration of global entertainment brands’ franchises into the blockchain. The Ethernity Chain prioritizes protecting proprietary data and creator IP by integrating advanced AI capabilities. These capabilities include comprehensive Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls, which effectively combat counterfeit asset trading and create a secure environment for users and brands.

Key Features of the Ethernity Chain

Enhanced AI Capabilities:  Embedded within the Ethernity Chain, AI provides unparalleled security and brand protection through robust Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls, designed to prevent counterfeit asset trading and ensure a secure environment for users and brands alike.

Plug and Play Toolkit : The Ethernity Plug and Play toolkit provides brands and creators with no-code tools to bring their global entertainment brands onto the blockchain and to quickly and easily ramp up tokens, marketplaces, and web3 applications.

Eco-Friendly and Low Gas Fees:  The Ethernity Chain is designed to minimize environmental impact and lower the barrier to entry for users and developers through significantly reduced gas fees.

100% EVM as Standard:  The Ethernity Chain seamlessly integrates all current standards, including tokens, NFTs, and DeFi smart contracts.

“Our goal is to revolutionize how entertainment brands engage with their audiences through web3 technologies,” said Nick Rose Ntertsas, Co-Chief Executive Officer at Ethernity. “By evolving into a Layer 2, we are not only expanding our capabilities but also providing a navigable, sustainable and secure environment for brands to create next-gen entertainment products and fan experiences.”

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