BitDegree Launches Mission About OKX with Exciting Rewards

Key Takeaways

  • BitDegree has launched a new Mission about OKX, featuring interactive rounds to explore both the basic and advanced features of the crypto exchange;
  • OKX offers a vast selection of coins and trading pairs, catering to the needs of traders of all experience levels;
  • The Mission rewards consist of Bits and up to 100 USDT worth of tokens.

A few days ago, BitDegree offered a sneak peek into SimpleSwap, and they are now stepping even further by introducing a new Mission focused on the OKX crypto exchange.

Consisting of four engaging rounds, the Mission will guide participants through both basic and advanced features of OKX; and the cherry on top of this adventure is the exciting rewards waiting to be claimed.

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OKX stands out from other exchanges in terms of variety, supporting over 340 coins and tokens along with more than 650 trading pairs. Its services cater to the needs of both new and seasoned traders, which can be explored through a fun, interactive experience in the Mission.

This presents a particularly enticing opportunity, given that the Mission isn’t just about learning — it also offers the chance to get up to 2 Mystery Boxes, each containing tokens worth up to 50 USDT.

Besides, completing Missions earns you Bits and Degrees, boosting your odds of winning in BitDegree Lucky Draw events.

Embark on the BitDegree x OKX Mission today for the opportunity to learn while unlocking rewards.

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