Andreessen Horowitz Raises $7.2B, Will Not Fund Crypto

Key Takeaways

  • Andreessen Horowitz has raised $7.2 billion to invest in various different sectors while reducing focus on cryptocurrencies;
  • The firm plans to allocate funds to American Dynamism, Apps, Games, Infrastructure, and Growth venture strategies;
  • a16z is setting up specialized venture funds for every sector, each with its own team of experts.

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a leading venture capital firm, has raised $7.2 billion to fund new ventures across various sectors, including artificial intelligence, while stepping back from cryptocurrency investments.

The venture capital firm outlined its investment strategy in a statement on April 16.

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The largest sum, $3.75 billion, will go towards its Growth venture strategy to fund early-stage startups. Another $1.25 billion will support the Infrastructure strategy, focusing on computing and AI, while $1 billion is set aside for Apps, which cover consumer, enterprise, and FinTech applications.

In addition to these investments, the venture capital plans to divide $1.2 billion between its Games fund and the new American Dynamism fund, designed to support startups that contribute to US national interests in sectors like aerospace, defense, and education.

Andrew Chen, a general partner at a16z and manager of its Games Fund One, revealed plans for a second game-focused fund. He expressed particular interest in funding projects that incorporate generative AI into gaming and interactive entertainment, recognizing its transformative potential.

As co-founder Ben Horowitz stated, a16z has established specialized venture funds for separate sectors, each with its own team of experts, acknowledging that every area requires deep expertise and different networks and capabilities.

By concentrating expertise and resources in specific areas, Andreessen Horowitz aims to accelerate the development of technologies and support startups set to transform their respective industries.

Earlier this year, a16z highlighted its support for Ethereum’s DeFi by investing $100 million into EigenLayer.

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